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About Crossing Rainbows

For as long as I can remember I have been connected to and fascinated by rainbows. My most favorite song as a child was, and still is, Somewhere Over the Rainbow. I believe that journeying to Oz in the Upper World on a whirlwind was truly one of my first journeys.

I have been blest to fly over rainbows, drive through them and have them appear magically so many times in my life. They have always gratefully filled my soul with wonder, healing, and color. At a mask making training some years ago, I had a vision of the rainbow becoming the letter X on my face. It was to represent the rune Gebo with that shape which means gift and my gift was to study many different shamanic traditions in order to eclectically weave their many colors into my practice. That mask of the crossing rainbows was to stay in my office in view of all people who come there.

This is how my web site “crossing rainbows" was born. Special thanks to Deana Paqua who was it’s midwife.

Click here to view a video on the Native American Rainbow Warriors.


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