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Shamanic Training Classes

Gail offers her expertise and deep spiritual connection in these inspiring and powerful classes. Gail offers private mentoring and teachings, contact her for more information.

"You have infinite patience, and even though you have your own laser-like focus on the issues in a totally non-judgmental way, you yield and you allow Spirit to guide you. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for this session and all the others that have brought me to this point in my life." ~client testimonial



Monthly Constellations

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Medicine Wheel Program
Please join me in reclaiming your ancestral wisdom around the sacred wheel of the year as we build community, drum, journey, & move toward balance for the personal as well as the collective. Ceremony and ritual create perceptual shifts which reawaken our sense of wonder at the Great Mystery.

Death Rites: A Journey of Initiation & Transformation
Ceremony and ritual create perceptual shifts deep within us. We’ll work with our Warrior and Healer Archetypes, step outside of time, and participate in our own healing so that we can be claimed by Life and our joy instead of our ancestral suffering. Death…Renewal…Rebirth….Let’s listen to our inner wisdom…the voices of our souls.

Prerequisite: Ability to make a shamanic journey


Despacho Fire Ceremony
Ritual and ceremony are our ancestral heritage. Gathering as a community gives us strength and reminds us that we are all connected and never alone! We shall all be journeying to create a large communal offering and releasing our prayer intentions to the sacred element of Fire. Despacho is based on the Incan shamanic tradition. This ceremony was also in all of our cultures in some form in ancient times.


Soul Retrieval
Soul Retrieval is one of the most ancient and profoundly healing methods in existence today. When a lost vitality is returned it creates a new resonance energetically allowing a person to shift and move forward in life in a deeply healing way. If you have felt a calling to learn this form of shamanic work, then this workshop is for you!

Prerequisite: Sandra Ingerman’s book Soul Retrieval, strong journeying ability, a deep desire to facilitate healing for yourself and others, confirmation from journeying to your helping spirits.

Celtic Soul Retrieval Class
This is a class for people of all levels of shamanic training who wish to experience healing and empowerment through the visionary shamanic journey. Soul retrieval is an ancient technique which creates amazing transformations within us and in our lives. We will also be doing a Celtic ritual which embodies our love and gratitude and a drumming to honor our ancestors and love ones in spirit as well.

Working with the Spirits of Weather
In this class we’ll explore the fascinating power of weather as well as the ethics of working with weather. We’ll become familiar with scientific experiments that can control and effect weather that have been going on for many years in many sites around the world. We’ll journey to our guidance to connect with this incredible aspect of Nature for self and planetary healing.

Space Clearing
Over the years I have developed my own technique for space clearing combining the principles of shamanic extraction, soul retrieval, Reiki, Feng Shui, psychopomp, crystal grid work, sound healing, and journey work connecting to the ancestral spirits of the land. It is never the same and always an amazing, humbling experience. I would be honored to share it with anyone who feels called to do this sacred work


Shamanic Extraction
Shamanic Extraction is the removal of displaced energetic intrusions in the in the body which may cause illness. A distinction is not always made on the unwanted energy’s origin but itsremoval will bring about healing and harmony with nature. Sometimes this process is very ecstatic and sometimes it is quiet. We shall be learning several techniques from different traditions, how to protect ourselves, and find the ways which are unique to our own practices.



Don Pascual, Q'ero Medicine Man, from Peru




Gail Gorelick, MA, OM
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